Dr. John Jameson

Dr. John Jameson received his Master’s Degree in Public Medicine and her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Columbia University. He also completed his Chinese Medicine studies at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical University in Shanghai where he specialized in chronic disease.

Dr. Jameson realized early in his medical studies that conventional medical training was not his primary interest. After completing his studies, his growing interest in alternative therapies led him to China and India to further his thinking. These travels left him with a firm belief in the power of something greater than himself, and a renewed respect for utilizing mother nature in his remedies.

His travels, and subsequent studies, have also provided Dr. Jameson with a unique perspective combining the best of western and eastern medicine. Utilizing all aspects of her knowledge, he helps patients understand and address the root cause of their health concerns, and then provide them with effective and natural healthcare solutions. While he does believe that invasive therapies can provide benefits, he prefers to exhaust all non-invasive alternative therapies first.

After meeting with Dr. Francine Woods and learning more about the practice of both alternative and conventional medicine, he joined Infinite Wellness in 2005. The last twelve years have been the most productive and fulfilling of his medical career, and he is still looking forward to meeting and treating patients every day.


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